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Window Cleaning in Wylie, TX

Window cleaning wylie tx

I cleaned a 1,700 sq ft home in Wylie, TX. There were 15 windows including the sliding glass door. I was able to get their windows sparkly clean! I used a mop and squeegee for all the inside windows and a water-fed pole filtration for the outsides. I vacuumed and wiped out the tracks as well as cleaned all their screens with my screen cleaner. Happy customers!

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Client Review

Aaron did an excellent job cleaning the windows in our home in Wylie. We moved here a couple of years ago, and I’m not sure the windows had actually ever been washed. You can imagine how astonishing it was when they were so clean that it was almost as if there were suddenly no window at all. My husband joked that he felt exposed to all our neighbors. Aaron also took the time to clean our window screens; a friend commented that she thought we’d removed them, but instead, they were just super clean! I would definitely recommend Aaron’s kind and professional service to anyone in the Wylie/Sachse/Murphy and surrounding areas; you won’t be disappointed.

- Gin W

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